It is obvious that the impact of Pedro Acosta will take him to KTM already next year. He only needed two MotoGP races to get on the podium with the GasGas. And Brad Binder He hopes to share boxing with him for the 2025 World Cup.

“When you see Acosta driving, you understand how good he is. He is very special. When you see him driving, you understand him. How to control the motorcycle, passing speed For each turn you manage to maintain, how fast you lift the bike. He is a first-class rider, he fully deserves the podium,” says the current KTM rider in ‘Motorsport’.

And he expects Pedro to put pressure on him: “I’ve always been lucky that my teammates put a lot of pressure on me. You can see that as a curse or a blessing. I hope that together we can move this project forward.”

“Our prototype has improved a lot over the last twelve months and it’s benefiting from that. Now we have to use it as a benchmark and try to learn what makes it different. I’m 29, but with every release, I learn new things, just see how Jorge Martín is doing and how he is doing. These kids hit the ground all the time. “I think I need to do more Pilates,” Binder says.

A lot has been said after only two races, Qatar and Portimão, Acosta’s potential and if he can be ready for KTM next year. But the rumors go further and even place him alongside Marc Márquez in this brand. A complete MotoGP “Dream Team”.

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