Pedro Acosta arrived with great strength in MotoGP. It only took two races to “taste” the podium. It was this weekend in Portugal, where he brilliantly piloted the GasGas. Afterwards, the party with the team had everything: from champagne to hesitations from its mechanics.

There are previously unseen images of this podium, starting with the jokes of its mechanics: “Should we remove the “L” from your helmet? ». And Acosta was clear: “The day went well. The pace was good.”

“In the end, I only had the green light to progress,” he said of the final part of the race, during which he showed incredible pace.

And when we asked him when he was catching his flight home, he couldn’t help but laugh: “I go there in a van, because I am poor, even if a little less”. All this to end with a shower of champagne for the team. A of the happiest days of Pedro Acosta’s career whose adventure has only just begun.

By wbu4c

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