The Government will assume the powers removed by the PP-Vox coalition in Aragonsuch as funeral cards or places and itineraries of memory and, in general, will include “ex officio” in the law on the democratic memory of the State everything that the regional executives of the PP and Vox eliminate from their “concord” laws, as planned in Castile and León and the Valencian Community.

After the Council of Ministers which yesterday examined the legal report that will lay the foundations for the appeal of the central government against the repeal of the law on democratic memory in the community of the popular Jorge Azcón, the minister of the branch, Ángel Víctor Torres, appeared before the press to once again propose an agreement to the executive of the PP, who had already warned on Monday that will not enter into negotiations on this matterwhich led to the appeal announced before the Constitutional Court (TC).

Regardless, Torres announced the steps to be taken to try to reach a prior agreement when the ministry formally convenes a bilateral commission to resolve this disagreement. First of all, the procedure provided for in the article 33.2 of the organic law of the Constitutional Court (LOTC), which envisages a dialogue with the autonomous communities to resolve jurisdictional differences and avoid unconstitutionality appeals.

The idea, according to the minister, is “sit down with Aragon to reach an agreement and guarantee that its new text respects the Memory Law”. If the region is in the hands of Jorge Azcón “does not accept it or after the required six months there is no agreement, the Spanish government will turn to the Constitutional Court.”

However, the statements of the spokesperson for the Government of Aragon were conclusive. Mar Vaquero defended that the repeal was “legally impeccable” and made clear that he would not participate in a “instrumental farce” they will therefore refuse negotiation with the ministry.

Ángel Víctor Torres deplored that “the condemnation of the dictatorship disappears from the law”, which he considers a “the imposition of the extreme right that the PP accepts”, although those of Abascal force them to “rectify what they said at the time”, because “many of the amendments presented by the PP to President Lambán were accepted”. And “now the PP, with the imposition of Vox”, noted the minister, “eliminates what, at the time, counted on its vote”. “We are in a mechanism of involution, which goes against what the democratic progress of our country should be.” The head of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory believes that in practice he equates the dictatorship with the Second Republic.

According to the legal services of the Ministry of Democratic Memory, the repeal law approved in February by the Aragonese Parliament represents “a violation of the Constitution, human rights, international law, United Nations resolutions and conventions international”.

Torres spoke of the elimination of the provision that honored the Aragonese who died in Nazi concentration camps, of the map of mass graves and the inventory of places and routes of memory.

The minister also assured that, in any case, the Government would continue the exhumations, because “The recovery of victims found in mass graves is an inalienable principle and a just demand.”

He also announced that he would present to the Council of Ministers on April 23 the agreement established by the Law on Democratic Memory to create a working commission on Memory and Reconciliation with the Gypsy people in Spain. The twelfth additional provision of the norm establishes the constitution of this commission upon the proposal of the head of the competent department – ​​currently Torres himself – “within six months” – which was completed a year ago, at middle of the pre-campaign for regional and municipal elections, with Félix Bolaños in charge of this file.

On April 23, news is also expected regarding the famous Cuelgamuros Valley, an enclave whose “resignification” is underway.

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