The former mayor of Valencia and until this Wednesday councilor of Compromís, Joan Ribo, resigned from his post and left the room during a plenary session during which he received the applause and affection of the entire chamber as well as three gifts, two of them from the hands of the current mayor, María José Catalá (PP).

On behalf of the company, Catalá delivered the minutes of the extraordinary plenary session of June 13, 2015 and June 15, 2019in which he assumed the function of mayor, as well as a lithograph which reproduces a view of Valencia in 1844 and of which only three copies remain.

In his farewell speech, Ribó (Manresa, 1947) recalled that he had arrived in Valencia at the age of 17 and that he had discovered a “completely understandable” Valencian city, a dynamic, happy and lively city. towards the future, and above all a people who are firm and organize the fights they believe to be just.”

He called on his party colleagues to “take care” of the “instrument” that Compromís means and thanked the city’s residents for giving him “the greatest gift that can be given to a person in love with Valencia.” , which was the town hall. .

We are the only project of strict Valencian obedience“, city dwellers with class consciousness, people who learn and use Valencian even if they are Valencian or Murcian,” he added.

To his coalition partners in the municipal government of eight years, the PSPV, he said: “seeing how the current government spends money, I think we can be proud of the role we have played, in showing that the left can reach an agreement.”

“I ask you to have ‘trellat’ – common sense or common sense – because it has cost us dearly to raise the name of Valencia”, and he added that observes with fear the “retrograde impulses”.

He finally thanked the press for “not having forgiven a single one” because it made him “a better leader”, and he asked that his successor not be deprived of “this gift”.

The mayor, Maria José Catala, On behalf of the two groups that make up the government team (PP and Vox), he indicated that Today is “not the day to play politics” and he thanked Ribó for the “collaboration and loyalty” demonstrated in a transfer of powers that he described as “calm and exemplary.”

“All mayors are part of the political history of Valencia, I hope that with this tone, a new stage will begin that I believe is necessary, of respect, esteem and consideration for those who dedicate their lives, their days , to the city,” he added. .

“I wish you the best on a personal level, I hope to continue counting on your collaboration on issues of interest to the city. My commitment is to take care of Valencia every day like the olive tree you gave me “, concluded Catalá.

The spokesperson for Compromís, Papi Robles said goodbye to his “political father” and he thanked him for teaching that the left “can overcome chronic pessimism and trench postulates.” “You have paved the way for a city that today has more light than ever thanks to work, perseverance and trust and you have demonstrated that it can be governed honestly and efficiently,” he said. -he adds.

Likewise, the socialist spokesperson, Sandra Gomezestimated that It should fill you with pride to be “the mayor of the best city to live in”.

“If we can claim a common heritage, it is because there were people who made it possible with will, dialogue, debate and agreement. Joan is a calm person, who transmits serenity and with whom we learns to put things into perspective, and I think that thanks to him I have matured in politics. Not only will your group miss you”, concluded Gómez, who He gave Ribó a photograph in which they both appear smiling.

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