“I hope she finds herself very alone in life and I will be happy about that.” This message, sent by Albert Luque to a friend of Jenni Hermoso, could have meant the end of the international career of the footballer, but it is closer to signifying the end of the career of the current director of the national team within of the Spanish Football Federation. .(RFEF). Currently, Albert Luque has been removed from his position within the Federation, as has Rubén Rivera, director of marketing, for his alleged participation in the continued harassment of Jenni Hermoso after the non-consensual kiss of Luis Rubiales during the presentation of medals to the Spaniards. world champion team last August. The prosecution requires a year and a half in prison for each of them.

“The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) decided this afternoon to dismiss from their positions the managers who are the subject of an investigation for coercion of the player Jenni Hermoso, following the information of her indictment by the Prosecutor’s Office in this case, known in the afternoon today”, explains the Federation in a press release. “The marketing director, Rubén Rivera, and the sports director of the national team, Albert Luque, will cease to exercise their functions until this legal matter is clarified,” he adds.

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