There is one pilot, only one pilot, who managed to defeat Max Verstappen up to twice in recent months. His name is Carlos Sainz, he will drive for the last time in 2024 the Ferrari and he wants to become Formula 1 champion: it was in Singapore in 2023 and now in Australia in 2024.

AND Christian Horner, boss of Red Bull, published a curious definition of Carlos. He assures that he is the “sworn enemy” of the team, that is to say its biggest enemy at the moment.

“Carlos is the only driver to beat Red Bull last year, so it seems to be our nemesis“, he expressed after the Albert Park test.

Red Bull is closely monitoring Carlos, who it already had in its academy and also in Toro Rosso. But the Spaniard could have other options for 2025. That of Mercedeswho will have the free seat of Lewis Hamilton, precisely on the way to Ferrari.

Toto Wolff, who will not be in Japan in two weeks, Sainz spoke about the future: “There are drivers available, whether they are very young, whether it’s the most mature ones in their best years… or Carlos.”

“Those who are available, or who might interest us, everyone has arguments in their favor” said the Mercedes boss, who had a weekend to forget in Australia with his two drivers out of the race and a pace that still left much to be desired.

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