The young driver Pedro Acosta was the star guest of “El Hormiguero” this Tuesday. It was his first participation in the popular entertainment program Atresmedia, broadcast from Monday to Thursday between 9:45 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. on Antena 3. During the interview, the “shark” of Mazzarón looked back on his remarkable debut in MotoGP with Pablo Motos . at the young age of 19, after being crowned Moto2 world champion in 2023 and becoming the second youngest rider to win a Moto3 World Championship in 2021.

One of the highlights was when Motos remembered Marc Márquez’s overtake in Qatar, to which Acosta responded: “It seems easier on TV than on the track.” He also shared his experience falling during a race: “I’m sinking. It’s true that for two years I’ve been falling a little, but there’s no way to fall and you have to flow like life itself, like the wind.”

Additionally, Acosta recalled his emotional reaction to becoming Moto2 world champion: “I didn’t cry because I won the World Cup, but because I am very affectionate and I like to touch him a lot. It had been three years since I joined this team, in which I came in on the rebound.”

The pilot also had time to tell an anecdote about why he put his used underwear up for sale on an online buying and selling platform: “One day, I had the idea to watch Wallapop to see what was being sold by Pedro Acosta and I saw things being sold that weren’t mine, but they said they were. So, I was tired of them making fun of me like that and I thought I could make fun of them by selling my used underwear, used but good for victory.”

The young pilot humbly expressed his expectations for the future: “I have no expectations. I hope everything continues to be as good as it is today.” Without a doubt, Pedro Acosta’s visit to “El Hormiguero” left its mark both for his successes on the slopes and for his charisma and sincerity in front of the cameras.

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