Mar 28, 2024

For months, the PSOE-Sumar government The anthill in the spotlight: he cannot stand the fact that, from a prime-time show, criticism is sometimes directed against his excellent political work. But since, for the moment, they still do not have the capacity to censor dissent, they have opted for a more imaginative route: using public television, financed by taxpayers’ money, to counter-program Pablo Motos with an area, Resistance by David Broncano, which could reduce its audience. The problem is that the financial conditions demanded by Broncano (14 million euros per season and a minimum guarantee of two to three seasons) were absurd even for those who shoot the king’s powder.

For this reason, last Tuesday, the president of the public entity at the time fired her content director, José Pablo López (obsessed with carrying out the orders of Moncloa and signing Broncano at all costs), some moments before she herself was removed from office by a controlled Board of Directors. by those of the main Spanish political parties. And yesterday, this same board of directors chose, with the votes of the subordinates of the PSOE, the PCE, Podemos and the PNV, a new president: Concepción Cascajosa, a self-proclaimed activist of the PSOE who, moreover, considers that her work professional must be conditioned by his ideology.

This is how Cascajosa expressed himself during an intervention in Congress: “Do I have relations with a political party? Yes, I am a member of the PSOE and, in this sense, I consider that this activism is part of my social commitment and my progressive ideas (…) I consider that this demonstrates a commitment to certain ideas that I have and that I obviously consider it part of my professional life to defend. That is to say, not only have they placed at the head of RTVE a person who has a PSOE membership card in his mouth, but he has proclaimed to the four winds that he intends to use RTVE to promote its socialist ideology. . In other words, those who began to sell us that RTVE should be independent and neutral ended up making it a party propaganda organ.

And it is exactly for the same reason that the PSOE wants to become a shareholder in Telefónica and other private companies: to control and exploit them for its own partisan benefit.

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