Surprise at this morning’s meeting Board of Directors of Spanish Radio Television (RTVE). In a vote with five votes for, three against and one abstention, Councilor Cascajosa Design was elected president of RTVE, replacing Elena Sánchez.

This morning and after resuming the meeting that began yesterday with the dismissal of José Pablo López, general director of content at RTVE then the dismissal of interim president Elena Sánchez, RTVE Board of Directors put to the vote the nomination of Councilor Concepción Cascajosa as new interim president of the Entity. The nomination was supported councilors Juan José Baños (PNV), José Manuel Martín Medem (PCE), Ramón Colom (PSOE), Roberto Lakidain (Vamos), José Manuel Martín Medem (UP) and that of Concepción Cascajosa herself (PSOE). Elena Sánchez, who ultimately attended the meeting as an advisor, preferred to abstain and The three PP councilors voted against.

Another highlight of the day was the vote of proposal for rotation of the presidency of RTVE and which was finally rejected in another vote by five votes for and four against. As has already been published by the State Company of Industrial Participations (SEPI) itself I didn’t really agree with rumors that spoke of a possible formula of rotation in the presidency due to complications in the management of the Society. Furthermore, and according to Vertele, the balance tilts in favor of Cascajosa in a second votesince in the first it seems that the request for José Manuel Martin Medem, the advisor proposed in 2021 by the defunct Unidas Podemos coalition, to remove Alfonso Morales from the post of secretary general of RTVE. In both votes, former acting president Elena Sanchez, proposed by the PSOE, abstained. The situation, according to the publication, was resolved around 1:40 p.m. because Alfonso Morales He quit.

Cascajosa is the advisor proposed in 2021 by the Socialist Party and holds a doctorate in audiovisual communication from the University of Seville with an extraordinary award (2005). She is also a professor of audiovisual communication at the University Carlos III University of Madrid since 2012. At the same university She has been director of the Department of Communication since 2021 and a member of its Board of Directors since 2022. She was also director of the Master’s degree in Cinematographic and Television Screenwriting (2013-2021) and vice-dean of journalism and audiovisual communication studies (2014-2021)). In July 2021, she was appointed president of the RTVE Equality Observatory.

During her appearance at the Congress of Deputies in 2021 to present her candidacy as RTVE councilor, Cascajosa was asked about her affiliation with a political party and said: “I would like to start this intervention by answering one of the questions that you asked. me andThe Vox representative as to whether I have relations with a political party, in order to be able to develop below the issues linked to my program. I am a member of the Socialist Party and, in this sense, I consider this activism to be part of my social commitment. my commitment and my progressive ideas. It shows a commitment to certain ideas I have. and to defend them, obviously, with“I consider it part of my professional life.”.

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