Independent White House candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that Nicole Shanahan, lawyer and philanthropist from Silicon Valley, will be his electoral partner. Shanahan, the 38-year-old daughter of a Chinese immigrant and a white father, married to the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brinhad never run for political office before.

Kennedy, a 70-year-old environmental lawyer and anti-vaccine activist who is a scion of America’s most famous political dynasty, is running as an independent after initially announcing he would compete against the current president. Joe Biden, for the Democratic Party nomination. But he changed his strategy in October when he realized he did not have enough support.

Nephew’s Campaign John F. Kennedy raised light bulbs in Democratic ranks, who fear it could jeopardize Biden’s path to re-election. The Democratic National Committee recently intensified its attacks on him, arguing that his distant third-party candidacy would only help elect Trump.

Kennedy, however, asserted his independent profile. He views his campaign as “a cold water shot for President Biden and President Trump” that will “forge an unstoppable coalition of homeless Democrats and Republicans.” But only 1% of American voters would vote for him in an election where Biden and Trump are on the ballot, according to a January YouGov poll.

The polls aren’t fading RFK, who introduced Shanahan Tuesday at a rally in Oakland, Calif., where he described her as an “attorney, a brilliant scientist, a technologist and a warrior mother.”

Shanahan is a longtime Democratic donor and has previously donated to Kennedy’s campaign. In her statements, the lawyer said she was leaving the Democratic Party because it had “lost its way” by focusing on “elitism” and “winning at all costs.” “I think I carry the best ideals and impulses with me,” he noted.

Kennedy, 70, described his new running mate as someone with a deep understanding of big tech companies, which he described as a threat to democracy. He acknowledged choosing a younger candidate because he wanted her to be, in part, an advocate for millennial and Gen Z Americans, who had lost hope in their future and no longer believed that the political class was taking take their interests into account.

Shanahan grew up in Oakland and grew up on food stamps, a federal grant that helps low-income families buy food. Origins that contrast with those of Kennedy and his popular political family. On other occasions, Shanahan recalled that his childhood was filled with fear and instability due to his father’s schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Nominating a vice presidential candidate is a prerequisite for being registered to vote in several states. The election of Kennedy’s nephew will help his campaign pave the way for ballot access in many states and Washington DC. To date, he has only confirmed his presence in the Utah elections.

On Monday, Kennedy threatened legal action against Nevada after state officials suggested that signatures collected by his campaign in order to run for office might not be valid since he had not confirmed a candidate to run for office. the vice-presidency at the time of the election.

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