Holy Week in the province of Malaga will end with a hotel occupancy of 75.98%according to data provided by the Association of Hotel Entrepreneurs of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos).

These figures represent approximately 10% less than those recorded at Easter 2023when the hotel occupancy rate was 84.23% and up to 12 percentage points lower than in 2019 (86%).

The president of Aehcos, José Luque, explained that “we know that Holy Week is not yet over, but with the available data we can affirm that they are figures significantly lower than those recorded last year“.

“Without a doubt, the weather factor, with the constant rains throughout the province and the forecast of precipitation for the rest of the week, has had a very negative influence and has caused many travelers to step back,” he commented .

Concretely, the hotel employers’ association analyzes the occupancy rate at Easter with the reference of two date ranges, from March 22 to April 1 (ten nights) during which the occupancy rate will be 75.98 %, and from March 27 to April 1 (five nights), the key dates, for which the occupancy rate will be 74.58%, were indicated in a press release.

The Executive Committee of the employers’ association regretted these data which, historically, and over the last two years (2022 and 2023), They have exceeded 80% total occupancy in the province of Malaga.

“The weather factor has been a handicap for many travelers who wait until the last minute to book and have opted for other destinations where the weather will be more favorable,” commented the Executive Committee.

However, it is not only last minute bookings that have influenced the drop in hotel occupancy rates, but also Hotel accommodation cancellations have increased due to rain forecasts for the coming days. “These three factors provided the breeding ground for poor Easter data,” they said.


By municipality, and in the period from March 22 to April 1 (ten nights), only two municipalities exceed 80% hotel occupancy. These are Benalmádena, with 85.48% and Ronda, with 81.45%.

Other enclaves, as they specified, such as Nerja have a hotel occupancy rate of 79.48%, followed by Axarquía (71.93%) or Frigiliana-Torrox (70.09%).

As for the Easter weekend, from March 27 to April 1 (five nights), Benalmádena leads the occupancy rate with 81.26%, followed by Ronda (77.75%), Nerja (76.86% ) and Axarquía (75.76%).

“We hope that the next few months, coinciding with the increase in flights to the Costa del Sol destination, will serve to change this trend and make us lose some hope to face the high season of 2024,” concluded the organization employer.

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