The prosecution requested a sentence of two and a half years in prison For Luis Rubiales for the forced kiss he gave to the player Jenni Hermoso after the World Cup final in Sydney on August 20.

To the former president of Real Spanish football federation He is accused of crimes sexual assault And coercion to the footballer.

As ‘laSexta’ learned, compensation for 50,000 euros and another solidarity and commonality with Albert Luque, section director, Jorge Vilda, former coach, and Rubén Rivera, marketing director.

For these three, a sentence of one year and six months in prison for coercion around the front.

It is good to remember that Albert Luquesent several WhatsApp messages to a friend of Jenni asking him to ignore and justify the behavior of Luis Rubiales.

In these messages it was alluded to that the player, due to her age, still had two years of her career and that if it helped her at that time, it would surely allow her could get him a position within the Federation.

Afterwards accused Jennifer Hermoso of being a bad personwishing her that she would find herself very alone in life and telling her that she would be happy if that happened.

The tourist “bomb” in Cape Verde

This Wednesday morning, conversations between the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and the businessman broke out. Francisco Martín Alcaide, “Nene”, in which they talk about research “land available for tourism development” in the African country.

Rubiales, in contact with the African country’s ambassador to Spain, Ney Cardoso, and with a local minister, is under investigation for alleged corruption offenses such as collecting illegal commissions in exchange for rewards by trying to propel a hotel activity there.

In addition to the forced kiss of Jenni Hermoso during the last World Cup final and this affair, the former president of the RFEF is at the center of the controversy over the La Cartuja stadium expansion contractshis relationship with Koldo Garcia or for the alleged collection of payments from construction company Gruconsa through a company owned by his friend Nene.

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