“I received and read your letter carefully and, in thanking you, I would like to tell you that I very much appreciated it, just as – beyond the single episode, of modest importance moreover – I appreciate the work that the teaching team and the organs of the institute carry out a valuable and particularly demanding task”. The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella used these words to respond to a letter from Maria Rendani, deputy director of Iqbal Masih who, in recent days, had invited him to visit the Pioltello institute at the center of the media storm concerning the decision to close for the end of Ramadan.

School closed for Ramadan

The Pioltello comprehensive school (Milan), after the controversy surrounding this affair, will be closed on April 10, on the occasion of the celebration of the end of Ramadan. This was decided by the school council, unanimously, after examining the resolution to suspend classes, declared irregular by the regional school management.

The change concerns the highlighting of the sole didactic motivation underlying the decision, linked to the numerous predictable absences, defined as incomplete in the first version by the Minister of Education himself, Giuseppe Valditara. The decision to close on the occasion of the Islamic holiday – taken in recent weeks by the institute given the high number of Muslim students – had sparked much controversy and a national outcry.

The Council of the Institute then informed in a note that it would organize on May 21, for the “World Day for Cultural Diversity”, a dialogue “on the themes of inclusion, interaction between cultures and comparison between religions. Then he asked “that a choice born spontaneously within us be respected, on the basis of reasons that we believe are consistent with the right to education and instruction, with the Italian Constitution and which arise from the reflection of the Teaching Body” .

“We now ask, as representatives of parents, teachers and staff of Ata – asks the Council in the note – that we can return to live the School in complete serenity”. The school board returns to what happened and explains that the irregularities detected by the inspectors on March 18 concerned the fact that there were “four days of suspension of classes against the maximum of three days”, and then the fact that the resolution of the Region does not provide for the possibility of bringing forward the start of classes to compensate (what they had chosen to do in Pioltello) and “the absence of express didactic reasons in the resolution of the Council of the ‘Institute for Suspension Days’.

Why close school for Ramadan

This is why, on March 25, the Pedagogical Council “unanimously of the one hundred and ninety-two teachers present” approved the proposal to the Council of the Institute to suspend courses for April 10 and 26, 2024, in both cases taking into account the high rate of absences in the two days “which compromise the effective carrying out of the planned educational and teaching activities, also consistent with the educational choices”.

The invitation is now to focus on what the school has been doing for years: free support activities for students who have more problems (for example with Italian literacy workshops, after-school homework support). noon, remedial courses and extracurricular professional workshops, up to those always free of charge, advanced courses such as Latin, English, French and Spanish courses for certifications, conversations with native speakers but also advanced courses in mathematics, Italian, English) and initiatives such as drama therapy, theater projects, the creation of musicals and murals and other activities support for personal development, which includes psychomotor activities, motivational mentoring, screening for learning disabilities, academic guidance and “cultural mediation” to enable positive interaction between the different cultures present.

The Council states that the results of the Invalsi tests “can still be improved but which in recent years place our students, in a test with a score on a scale of 200, well over 20 points above ESCS schools in the same context in mathematics and English. , in line with other schools in Italian, also taking into account the high number of students at NAI”. The conclusion is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “Our ability to achieve unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.”

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