A piece of polystyrene in the middle of the omelette. This is what a little girl found in the food she ate at the canteen of the Istituto Comprensivo Perasso (plexus via San Mamete, 11 (Adriano district). The fact, which occurred on Monday March 25, was revealed by Alessandro De Chirico, head of the Forza Italia group at Palazzo Marino.

Apologies from Milan Ristorazione after the discovery of polystyrene

Dear ******, we thank you for your report which we confirm has been transmitted to the competent functions and we inform you that the procedure for submitting the sample to our Food Quality and Safety Office was correctly respected for all controls. of the case, highlighting how food security is a fundamental requirement for us. An official return will be given to the School Management, to whom you can contact for further information, within the deadlines set by the procedure.

However, on the afternoon of Wednesday March 27, it emerged that a sharp object had been found inside a plate served in the canteen (it is unclear whether it was a nail or screw). This last object, in detail, was found before a child received it on a plate. No one would therefore have risked ingesting it.

It’s a decidedly dark time for Milan Catering, a company 99% owned by the municipality and which supplies meals to Milan schools. With polystyrene, the number of foreign bodies discovered in the space of a month amounts to five, after the two pieces of glass in the sandwiches and the insect in the plate of vegetables. Not to mention the blade found a few days ago, which turned out to be a (very bad) student’s prank.

“The situation has gotten out of control and the deputy mayor can no longer hide behind ‘ongoing investigations’ – thundered De Chirico -. Milanese families need to know what is happening and silence is not the right strategy. I received dozens of calls from moms and dads who were very worried about the situation. We cannot live in anxiety and tell children to be careful and carefully check what they eat, also because, especially in nurseries, children are not capable of managing themselves and, for For obvious reasons, teachers cannot be expected to scrupulously follow instructions for eating meals. operations for 7/8 children at the same time. After Easter, it is necessary for the Paetecipati Institutions commission, led by the minority of Palazzo Marino, to convene a closed-door commission to listen to what happened and what they plan to do.”

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