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“96% of biologists, out of a total of more than 5,500 specialists interviewed, recognize the humanity of the conceived and that life begins at the moment of fertilization. Science therefore says without question that the unborn child is one of us and Italian policy must start from there, adapt the law to science and recognize the legal capacity and humanity of the conceived child. We ask in particular that Parliament approve bills such as those of senators Menia (FdI), Gasparri (FI) and Romeo (Lega), already presented to the Senate, some of which propose to modify article 1 of the civil code in order to recognize the legal capacity of the person conceived. With this request, Pro Vita & Famiglia launched today in Milan a sailboat campaign, which has already started in recent days in Rome, which will reach the main Italian cities, with the message “9 out of 10 biologists recognize me as a being human. And you?” and the image of an embryo. We want to raise public and political awareness of what science says regarding the recognition of the humanity of the conceived. The research we extracted data from, “The Scientific Consensus on When a Human’s Life Begins,” published in Issues in Law & Medicine in 2021, involved 5,577 biologists from 1,058 academic institutions around the world, and all recently we found, with our national survey, that the majority of Italians agree, since up to 64% of our compatriots are in favor of the recognition of inviolable human rights, even for unborn children. Our campaign therefore wants to contribute to a true cultural and social metamorphosis that recognizes the human person from conception, by promoting a truly inclusive society that respects the dignity of all human beings, whatever their size and age. There is no before or after: human rights are born in the womb. » Thus Luca Arzeni, representative of the Milan Territorial Club of Pro Vita & Famiglia onlus.

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