Hello everyone!
Do you like to write? Do you like reading? Do you like colors? Would you like to combine all these passions to get to know yourself better? Or are you just intrigued by this announcement?
Contact me!
I organize, in collaboration with an art therapist and a psychologist specializing in book therapy, tailor-made meetings at home (or in an agreed location: bar, park, associations, schools, etc.) to share with yourself. even, with friends, relatives, colleagues. , parents or children.
You can simply read poems, or combine painting, clay or illustrated book workshops.
You can limit yourself to a single meeting or build a path.
Open to everyone, for all ages, mainly in the provinces of Milan but we also extend to the provinces of Monza, Lecco, Varese, Como.
For those who cannot do it, also ONLINE.
Participation to be assessed by individual appointment, from free to 30 euros per person.
I look forward to meeting you !

For information or reservations:
mobile 3391017882 (WhatsApp)

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