Podemos will not participate in the next Catalan elections on May 12 and has criticized the “commons” for making it impossible to reissue the electoral coalition that they had deployed so far, as sources from the party told Europa Press. violet. In this sense, Podemos in Catalonia will launch a consultation with party members to ratify the position of non-participation in this election.

Regardless, in the purple ranks they emphasized that their decision was made and unshakeable, which is why this consultative process seeks for their bases to show their support for the direction of the party in Catalonia. The deadline for registering electoral coalitions expired on Saturday morning, but Podemos estimated that the “commons” have already “ended” their “historic alliance” with the purples, after having attended together the rest of the previous meetings with the left. the urns.

Thus, the confluence between the two parties which had been brewing since the 2015 general elections, under the name of “En Comú Podem”, and which had remained stable until now, is broken. The aforementioned sources of the Purple Party maintained that their until now Catalan ally manifests its refusal of a common candidacy in the face of the electoral advance, which according to them emphasize was precipitated after the rejection of the ‘commons’ to the autonomy project . budgets of the Generalitat, managed by ERC.

In this sense, Podemos added that before the elections, Podem, the regional level formation, had chosen to explore the “best possible agreements” to guarantee a new “clearly” left-wing government. In this scenario, their priority was to try to reach an agreement with the “commons” with a view to participating again in a coalition, but Podemos regrets that the attitude of its until now Catalan partner makes this “impossible”.

For its part, recently the Catalan formation led by Ada Colau declared that it remained open regarding alliances with Podemos, while specifying that the coalition option was complicated, especially after the break with Sumar and his decision to go alone. the European elections.

In this way, the purple formation concluded that the “tight” electoral calendar leads them to make the decision not to attend the voting process in Catalonia under any electoral formula. That is to say, it excludes both the possibility of seeking agreements with the pro-independence left and even of appearing alone. For their part, the regional leadership of Podemos defended that it was giving up the Catalan elections out of “responsibility” in order not to disintegrate the left-wing vote.

The consultation on purple militancy in Catalonia opened this Wednesday and will end on Friday, and the same sources regretted that the “commons” told them that they did not want to accompany them in a coalition due to a ” lack of confidence”. “. In a declaration about her activism, the leader of Podemos explains having chosen this path to “not collaborate in the fragmentation of the left, because this only benefits the right and the extreme right”.

They will focus on Europeans

At the same time, in this writing, they acknowledge having had “little time to strengthen and structure” the party with a view to the Catalan and European elections, and they assure that it is not viable to present itself in Catalonia and to stand focus on the European elections. elections. Finally, Podemos proclaims that it will continue working to obtain “the best results in the next elections”, as well as to achieve a “strong organization that offers the capacity for transformation and to build stable, feminist and environmentalist governments with commitment determined to the public.

In this way, the party led by Ione Belarra will focus this electoral cycle on the Basque elections and the European elections of June 9, the latter elections in which it will participate with the former Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, as candidate.

Precisely, the European elections are the party’s bet to rearm itself, given that it was relegated as a hegemonic force in the space to the left of the PSOE with the emergence of Sumar in the general elections, while it was in coalition .

And after months of clashes with the formation led by Yolanda Díaz, the purples broke at the end of last year with Sumar and left the Congress group to move to the Mixed. For example, in the last Galician elections the two parties clashed electorally (neither obtained representation) and they will compete again in the Basque and European elections.

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