The Provincial Court of Albacete sentenced permanent revisable prison to AS, to whom a few days ago a people’s court declared guilty of raping and beating a friend to death with a stone on the outskirts of Albacete.

According to the judgment, AS was sentenced to a permanent prison sentence, reviewable as the author of a crime of murder without changing the circumstances of his criminal responsibility, while an additional sentence of 11 years and one day in prison was imposed on him as the author of a crime of sexual assault with the help of the mitigating circumstance of the confessions.

Likewise, it is considered proven that AS, on the afternoon of January 26, 2022, was with RM, the victim, in a bar in the neighborhood known as “las Seiscientas”, in the city of Albacete. Around 10:00 p.m., both decided to go to an abandoned electric turret in the old slaughterhouse where an argument broke out between RM and AS, with AS getting out of the turret to go out. RM stayed inside the turret, lying on a mattress to sleep, and AS stayed outside the turret for a few hours, waiting for RM to fall asleep.

During his absence, the sentence states, AS was thinking about how to act. Once RM was asleep, AS again accessed the place where RM was sleeping. Taking advantage of the fact that RM was asleep, hit him in the head with a big rockapplying considerable force, leaving him seriously injured in revenge for his attempted MR have sex with him.

After committing the rape and while RM was still lying on the mattress, AS again hit RM several times on the head with a large rock. The sentence specifies that the convicted person committed these acts while wanting to cause RM’s death or assuming the possibility that this could happen.

The accused, in order to hide what had happened, covered RM’s body with blankets so that it would be difficult to find him and left the scene through a hole in the wall, imperceptible from the road and known only people who were there. over there. Due to RM’s location, it was “extremely complicated” for the body to be found by chance.

RM died from craniocerebral trauma caused by blows to the head. The lifeless body was found inside the turret on February 2, 2022. The blows inflicted by AS on RM caused the destruction of vital centers of the brain.

The judgment also specifies that AS used marijuana and cocaineaccording to his availability, but that the use of cocaine “in no way affected” his mental faculties to think and decide on and control his actions.

It is also accepted as a fact that AS collaborated with the officers in the investigation, accusing himself of attacking RM with a stone and raping him, as well as subsequently attacking him several times with a stone on his head, causing his death. , maintaining said collaboration during his testimony before the investigating court. The information provided by AS was relevant to clarifying paternity and how RM’s injuries and the rape occurred.

With this sentence, the request of the Prosecutor’s Office which required a permanent, reviewable prison for the accused is satisfied. Like the prosecution, the lawyer for the private prosecution requested a permanent and reviewable prison sentence for the accused, arguing the same arguments as the prosecutor.

For his part, the accused’s lawyer insisted that it was a homicide, asking that account be taken of the fact that the accused confessed to what had happened after his arrest, collaborating with the police and justice also after accepting the DNA analysis.

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