“In recent days, we have seen several cases of foreign objects found in food, which we found to have been inserted after the administration phase. We have had reports of a razor blade in the growth, of a hair clip in the puree, of a piece of plastic in an omelette and another in a piece of cheese. All these reports that we verified with the same scrupulousness as always and which we noted that they were the result of pranks made by students, who later confirmed this version. The deputy mayor of Milan and councilor for education, Anna Scavuzzo, wrote this in a letter sent to coordinator Deborah Landro and the other representatives of the canteen committees.

Regarding the latest report of a nail, Scavuzzo explained that “the investigation process was immediately launched and resulted in a report following checks, inspections and laboratory tests. The nail is similar to many others present in the school, and it was also inserted into the potato pieces following the administration phase, in a way that is not compatible with the accidental fall of this object into the salad.

The deputy mayor did not mention the schools where the events occurred “because the objective is not to blame anyone, but on the contrary to share the commitment to bring back serenity and safety in our canteens, by calling on everyone to pay more attention to food.” “.

On the part of the Municipality and Milano Ristorazione, operations are underway “to improve the care in the preparation and administration of dishes, at the same time we want to share an important commitment even with the little ones because even a banal joke can be risky for oneself and for others, and the meal is rather a moment to be experienced without any apprehension. But the events that occurred between the end of February and the beginning of March “are of a completely different nature and are being examined by the NAS and the Carabinieri”, he concluded.

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