I don’t know if the Minister of Transport or someone from his team has already seen fit to read me (finally a reader!) and include some of this scholar’s writings in the list of those who should go to the fire , but what ends up doing, this list of alleged insults or lies with which the journalists adorn him, is pouring gasoline on the gigantic ego of the profession, comparable only to that of the minister himself, since starting to Compiling mentions is more like a teenager looking for “likes” on Tik Tok. I have my own theory: the minister produced a list of phrases to denounce those who did not think of something worse. Woe to the colleagues banned from a column who have not benefited from the ministerial scourge.

Óscar, now Don Óscar, needs to speak to exist, he came for that and it became known the day he fought with Feijóo in the motion of censure. And he got it. So why are you complaining? Or is it boasting, joy, perhaps the sin of vanity? He has become a popular character who fits into so many adjectives that he is a world in himself, not like Torrente, the illiterate people point out, but like Macondo or the very Castilian Celama. Without the Minister of Transport, the best literature on death in recent months would not have seen the light of day.

Puente, hereafter Aqueduct, is a strong man who adds bravado to a rough, if not shaggy, portfolio, and, as he demonstrates, manages his theatrical career well, both as Falstaff, when addressing the press, and like Henry IV, when he makes announcements that imply going to war. Always elegant: there is no better Byron than the one who risks everything while sometimes not being right but who dresses in syntactical petticoats, who wears the knot of his tie tightly without anyone noticing. He swallows saliva with the haughtiness of a Spanish grandee. Don Oscar gave us, instead of a train, or at least one that arrives on time, a caravan of columnists, a hell, which is the dream of our reason. Don Óscar was cruel as only a hero is capable. But what does that matter to the Extremadura train?

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