Pecco Bagnaia and Marc Marquez They ended up crashing at the Portuguese Grand Prix. And the fault of the touchline was the Italian. He himself admitted this in his post-race statements. And MotoGP riders agree: Aleix Espargaro and Joan Mir They analyzed what happened.

Although both are talking about a “racing incident”, they are referring to the “space” Pecco should have left. “It’s a racing incident. It’s a curve where things happen every year, but I think Pecco should have given him more space“, comments Espargaró in statements reported by ‘AS’.

“He was very aggressive after Marc passed him. There are times when being overtaken is frustrating, but you can’t try so aggressively. “I think I should have given him more space,” says the Aprilia rider.

Joan Mir, who was Marc’s teammate at Honda, assures us that he would have been angry if he had found himself on the ground: “Of course I would have been angrybut then you analyze it and in racing, we want this, that this kind of thing is not censored either because this is what life gives us and this is what we love.

“I think it was a career move, which could happen, but no one should be penalized. In this case the injured person was Marc, I think Marc was not at fault, he was outside and Pecco hit the gas. You can imagine, as a driver, that when someone overtakes you, when you turn around and hit the gas, you will find them, says Mir.

Márquez and Bagnaia engaged in an intense fight… and ended up on the ground. But this fight means Marc is back in the fight. And that’s great news for MotoGP. The one from Cervera feels very competitive with Gresini and in Portugal it was the first event in which he began to seek the limits of the bike, falling to the ground several times.

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