“Do not disturb.” This sign, affixed to the door of the offices of certain magistrates of the Court of Milan, was not digested by the lawyers of the Criminal Chamber, who cited it in a long letter sent to the prosecutor Marcello Viola, in which are discussed various questions. , including those which led to the lawyers’ strike in early March.

“There is even – we read in the letter made public by the Criminal Chamber – a certain unavailability on the part of certain magistrates to speak with the lawyers in the first half of the investigation. We consider it unacceptable that there have substitutes who make us feel like unwanted guests in the corridors of the Prosecutor’s Office – as proof, some signs placed outside the rooms prohibit “disturbing” – thus demonstrating that they do not respect and do not understand the role of the defender”.

For lawyers, this is one of the elements which would show the consolidation “of a fracture which finds its basis in the numerous difficulties that we, lawyers, encounter every day in our discussions and relations with the prosecution”. According to the Criminal Chamber, everything is the symptom of a “disinterest – not to say a poorly concealed annoyance – with regard to the role of defender, which our members have been telling us about for some time”.

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