The theme has always been there. In Milan, the most serious crimes, murders and apartment thefts, are decreasing, but microcrime continues to increase. What is the solution? This is the theme chosen by Mayor Beppe Sala for his third live on Instagram. For the question of security, the mayor invited Franco Gabrielli, the municipality’s security delegate appointed a few months ago, to participate. “Calling Gabrielli for me meant admitting that I needed a helping hand, that I was in trouble,” Sala said. The security objective remains that of increasing the presence of iron in the streets: “Today, we hired 500 new police officers. We will work on the reorganization of the local police. We are carrying out union negotiations which are not simple because the rules of engagement established in 2002 lead us today to have few patrols in the evening and at night.”

The 2002 agreement provides that police officers who reach a certain figure between age and number of years of work go out less and work less at night. In short, fewer qualified personnel on the streets, in the most sensitive points, and fewer patrols in the evening. “We have to review this thing – said the mayor -. At night we have five patrols in the area and it’s not good. The police force is seven times larger than ours. » To the aid of Beppe Sala, Franco Gabrielli stressed on several occasions that the question of security rests on the shoulders of mayors: “After 38 years spent in the world of security, with this new role, I was for a moment lost because I didn’t understand something. In Milan, all security depends on the mayor, and that is abnormal. Attributing your city’s crime rate to the mayor is not correct,” Gabrielli commented.

According to the safety delegate, the objective must be to recover the specificity of the body: the fonts must have their own skills, traffic police tasks, in commerce, in the environment and in town planning. “We want the functions to be returned to local police officers, giving them an identity,” explained Gabrielli who is called upon to present by mid-June the reform of the local police regulations with guidelines on tasks and horizons. Agents who, according to Beppe Sala, will once again become “neighborhood police officers”.

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