The start of Mercedes In the Formula 1 world championship, it was catastrophic. They are the fourth team in the constructors’ championship, just one point ahead of Aston Martin. and the complaints of Lewis Hamilton They are strict. He even said the car was not safe to drive.

Toto WolffMercedes boss, has revealed that the big problem they are suffering from in these first two races of the world championship is that the wind tunnel data they don’t “match” what they see on the track.

“Basically, everything what we see in the tunnel does not match what is happening on the track“, he said in statements collected by ‘DAZN’.

“When I look at the positives, I think we’ve eliminated a lot of potential causes of the equation compared to last year. We weren’t sure about our suspension. We weren’t sure how stiff our gearbox mount would be. We had a vibrating steering rack. All those things are gone,” he says of the W15.

He believes that the work coming out of the factory is good, where departments share information with each other and look for solutions: “I see an open environment where people share, where people say: “Maybe in my area we make mistakes.”

“I don’t think we’re missing anything.. It’s just a complication of what’s happening with the car that we can’t see. It’s like an on/off switch,” explains Hamilton boss and George Russell.

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