Prices have increased again. There inflation It resumed in March. This price increase also applies to French toastthat breakfast, lunch, snack or dessert that many resort to these days under the pretext that it is Holy Week and you can’t eat meat every day. Those who refuse to give up sweets (in their healthier format either more authentic, recipe that Dabiz Muñoz bragged about), you will notice it in your pockets. Making torrijas this Holy Week 2024 costs 31.8% more than last year. The main cause is the strong rise in the price of olive oil, according to Asufin data. But the rise in power of its other ingredients also comes into play, notably bread.

  • He half a liter of olive oil It went from 2.95 euros to 4.94 euros, while the rest of the ingredients increased in smaller proportions, for a total cost of 8.76 euros compared to 6.65 euros.
  • The cost of loaf of torrijas bread went from 1.19 euros to 1.23 euros, while half a liter of virgin olive oil went from 2.95 euros to 4.94 euros.
  • He liter of milk This is what has become the cheapest, going from 0.90 euros to 0.91 euros.

Thus, making half a dozen torrijas in 2023 costs 6.65 euros, up 31.8% this year, up to the 8.76 euros it costs to make them at Easter.

The most expensive basic basket

On the other hand, the report confirms that the basket accumulates a price increase compared to January 2023 of 20.83%, with an average ticket of 36.39 euros. Asufin denounces that “as usual” identical tickets are distributed for certain products of the five major supermarket chains, such as white label whole milk, at 5.46 euros in all cases, round rice, which barely oscillates between 1.26 euros from Alcampo and 1.3 euros from Mercadona, Grupo El Corte Inglés and Dia.

The chain that labels its basic basket (made up of flour, whole milk, a dozen eggs, bananas, apples, spinach, round rice, potatoes, olive oil, sunflower oil, noodles and macaroni) the most expensive is Crossroadsat 37.95 euros, followed by Dia (36.83 euros), El Corte Inglés (36.66 euros), Mercadona (35.56 euros) and Alcampo (34.93 euros).

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