Lately, it seems like not a day goes by without a new scandal related to Luis Rubialeswhich is currently in Dominican Republic And because of that, avoided an arrest warrant in the operation against the alleged irregular contracts in the RFEF.

In addition to the non-consensual kiss Jenni Hermoso During the last World Cup final, the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation was at the center of the controversy over La Cartuja stadium expansion contractshis relationship with Koldo Garcia or for the alleged collection of payments from construction company Gruconsa through a company of his friend baby.

With the latter, the businessman Francisco Martin Alcaide‘El Confidencial’ published conversations that talk about research “land available for tourism development” in Cape Verde.

Rubiales, in contact with the African country’s ambassador to Spain, Ney Cardoso, and with a local minister, is under investigation for alleged corruption offenses in Spain. try to propel a hotel activity there.

On January 31, 2019, “Nene” asked him about the date of a meeting with Cape Verdean representatives. “Hello Nene, I’m driving. See what I’m going to do now when I stop in a little while, in about an hour, I will send a message to the ambassador and I will ask him., GOOD? And as soon as I know, I’ll get back to you, man. A big hug, my friend,” the former president replied.

During the meeting there would also be Rafael Caballeropresident of Grupo Preferente, Evagrio Sánchez“tourist entrepreneur and advisor to large hotel chains who is currently developing a tourist complex in Punta Cana”, and Javier Martin“owner of the Spanish hotel chain Urban Dream Hotels”.

“If what we teach them there in Cape Verde suits them, they want to move forward. You tell me as soon as possible if there are possibilities of doing it soon because for them to wait two or four months is is a lot because “They have a thousand companies”adds Rubiales about a meeting that would take place in March.

These conversations are part of the investigation carried out by the Court of Majadahonda (Madrid) against Luis Rubiales and Nene, among others, for corruption offenses such as receiving illegal commissions in exchange for rewards.

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