Outside of the classic circuits of Milan’s best-known pastries, made up of well-established names, there is this little place in the Giambellino district. His name is Black gold, in Via Lorenteggio 155, an area of ​​the city that has undergone significant changes, especially from a gastronomic point of view. It’s here that Lorenzo Erasmi Oro Nero opens in July 2022, a café and pastry shop with an in-house laboratory where cute products, cakes, pastries and festive sourdough products are produced. Like his dove, one of the best in Milan. He told us how his journey began and why he became a pastry chef starting from the kitchens of gourmet restaurants.

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Lorenzo Erasmi: the young pastry chef who moved from haute cuisine to pastry

Lorenzo Erasmi is a Milan native, born in 1997, with a background in fine dining restaurant kitchens in Italy and beyond. “After my hotel studies, I started working as a chef at Park Hyatt al Vun, then moved to the French Riviera to the Royal Antibes on the French Riviera. But I quickly understood that my path led to baking» explains Lorenzo Erasmi. So he started a course at Cast Alimenti where I took him to work Besuschio, historic pastry shop in Abbiategrasso. His dream of owning his own home convinced him after 3 years to open Oro Nero: “Previously there was a real estate agency here, it seemed like the right place and so renovation work began until the opening in 2022.“. This is how Black Gold was born, whose name is a tribute to the most precious spice in pastry: vanilla. A modern and refined place, with a display counter and a café area where you can stop for a coffee or an aperitif at the end of the day.

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Oro Nero: the Lorenteggio pastry shop where you can have breakfast and buy custom desserts

Oro Nero is located a few steps from the soon-to-open Piazza Frattini stop on the brand new M4 line. “It’s called Black Gold because I wanted to pay homage to one of the fundamental ingredients of pastry, namely vanillathat I studied a lot as a pastry chef» explains Erasmi. “Usually only two varieties are used: Madagascar and Haiti, although there are many of them. We use organic Madagascar with pods of 18 to 20 cm, of Maranara quality which is among the most precious. Then one from French Polynesia, called Tahiti, also organic. We are trying to expand with varieties from Mexico and the rest of the world. You are welcomed by a large display counter, which serves as a setting for breakfast: freshly filled croissants, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins with Australian raisins, apple braids, then rotating products linked to seasonality like krapfen, tortellli and zeppole at Carnival, sourdough products and French dairy butter. The flours are also organic and 100% from Italian cereals, from the Bongiovanni mill in Turin. There is also the savory part with croissants stuffed with cooked ham and spicy provolone.


There is also a wide variety of cute and individual portions, all made by hand in the laboratory open at the back of the store, and the cakes always online and also made to order. “My pastry is both traditional and modern, we almost always have cheesecakethe three chocolate cake, the dark chocolate and raspberry cake, the mimosa cake, the Saint Honoré and a selection of cakes created with high quality alcohols, because I like working with liqueurs» explains Erasmi. There is in fact the Japanese gin cake, the one with exotic fruits, pistachio and rum, created not with pastry liqueurs but with products from world of mixing. “Alcohol in baking is essential if used correctly, because it enhances the aromatic part of the distillate, and not the alcoholic part. Alcohol is used to rinse the palate of dessert fat“. Additionally, a service is also active personalization based on customer requests: “We want to meet everyone’s needs by creating tailor-made products that bear our signature“.

The Black Gold dove for Easter and the cafeteria: soon also the specialties

Lorenzo Erasmi’s colomba is created only with high quality organic products. From Madagascar vanilla, which we talked about, to French butter and free-range eggs in Italy. “I also use organic acacia honey from the Mielithun company and cold candied oranges (Calabrian origin) from the Agrimontana company. My transformation of the sourdough is gentle, in order to extract the aromas, give softness and a delicate and balanced taste.» explains the young pastry chef. And in the future, he anticipates, the idea of expand production of sourdough products all year long. There coffee bar d’Oro Nero is classic in style and Caffè Club Kavè is used, although specialty coffees will be introduced soon: “We want to expand our selection and we are in the process of searching for quality products that may suit us.“. In addition to the range of herbal teas, teas and hot chocolates prepared with their own cocoa blend. A pastry outside the usual circuits that deserves to be stopped there.

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