For the diffusion of very high speed in Lombardy, “there is still work to do”. Attilio Fontana, governor of Lombardy, said this on the sidelines of a conference on digital freedom and democracy. “We must – said Fontana – try to help small municipalities because objectively, the arrival of ultra-broadband creates problems that seem easy to overcome, but sometimes we have to cut roads, we have to create damage and in some communities, they tend to view this damage as somewhat problematic.

The Lombard governor stressed that “the world economy now requires this great connection, and there are the resources of the Pnrr to achieve it”, but it is necessary “to be close” to the inhabitants of small communities “to guarantee that this project, which experienced some slowdowns in the past, can be resolved.”

This is why, according to the governor, it is time to commit “to respect the invitation of Europe which, by 2030, calls for all nations to be widely connected and connected, as well as to eliminate the digital divide: those who cannot overcome this divide risk being cut off from the world. “Individual persons, but also territories”.

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