Without Max Verstappenwho retired in the first round of Australia due to a brake problem, Ferrari achieved the double: victory for Carlos Sainz and second place plus the fastest lap of Charles Leclerc. A weekend that the Maranello team has not experienced for a long time.

And Leclerc revealed When did they realize they could stand up to Red Bull?. It was very early, from the first free practice on Friday: “It’s been a long time since we had Red Bull’s pace, I wouldn’t say under control, because we don’t know Max’s real pace, but I’ll say that since FP1 “We knew pole position and victory were possible.”

“We had very good tire degradation, a very good pace…” says the Monegasque driver, who is pleased with this progress: “It’s a very encouraging sign.”

“We look at the first three races, in two of the three they had a race advantage, so still we still have work to do“But this is what we have to do as a team,” said Sainz’s teammate, second in the drivers’ championship, just four points behind Max.

He is pleased to have taken advantage of the opportunity after the failure of Verstappen’s Red Bull: “Every time we have the opportunity to win a race, you have to take advantage of it, and this weekend we did it, Carlos did it today. For my part, second with the fastest lap, so we have no more points, if we look at the first three races, there is none in which we did not maximize the result.

“So we have to do it until let’s get the car that’s still better than Red Bullespecially in racing,” Charles explained after the Australian Grand Prix.

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