There are no images showing Edoardo Galli “talking or in the company of other people” after those showing him getting off the train and then going through the turnstiles of Milan Central Station. The Lecco prosecutor, Ezio Domenico Basso, communicated this in a note. This is the latest information on the 16-year-old who disappeared in Colico on March 21.

Attached to the note from the Lecco public prosecutor’s office are the two still images, the “latest images taken from the surveillance cameras of Milan Central Station in the possession of the Lecco public prosecutor’s office, which show Edoardo Galli walking on the platform where the train arriving from Morbegno and passing through the security turnstiles on March 21.”

There would be no other information or evidence. “After these moments, there is, at this time, no further footage showing him speaking or in the company of other people or near commercial establishments. Therefore, at this time, the information journalistic and television broadcasts of different contents broadcast since yesterday cannot be confirmed. “, concludes the press release.

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