The magazine “Hello!” addresses the big unknowns surrounding the health of the Princess of Wales. Kate Middleton, who announced last Friday that she was suffering from cancer and undergoing preventive chemotherapy treatment, is the main protagonist of the magazine. The announcement caused shock, support and admiration and answered many questions such as the secrecy of Kensington Palace and Prince William’s limited agenda.

Ana Villa poses exclusively in the Sierra Nevada for “Hello!” And announces her marriage to David Serrato. In addition, the journalist reveals all the details of her love story.

“It was a great experience,” is how Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada defines the Rose Ball that the designer attended this year with her boyfriend, lawyer José Manuel Díaz-Patón and his friends. A party, in Monaco, in which she participated at the invitation of the Italian businesswoman Francesca Franco and her husband, the rider of Spanish origin Íñigo López de la Osa.

In “Semana”, in addition to Kate Middleton and her state of health, the main protagonist is José María Almoguera. The son of Carmen Borrego and Paola Olmedo separate nine months after the birth of their son. The couple decided to separate two years after saying “I do”. Will this decision influence her mother’s stay on “Survivors”?

“Readings” also highlights Princess Kate’s state of health as well as the crisis at the palace, an article written by Andrew Morton, Lady Di’s biographer. In addition, Pietro Costanzia, brother of Carlo Costanzia, arrested in Turin, accused of the alleged assault of a young man. Pietro was the boyfriend of Juls Janeiro, the daughter of Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario after she ended her turbulent relationship with Tommy Rossi.

The magazine also remembers Silvia Tortosa who died this week, at the age of 77, a victim of cancer.

In “Diez Minutos” you will find exclusive images of Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Costanzia’s underwear bath in Malaga. The couple eloped to the Costa del Sol to celebrate the TV collaborator’s birthday.

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