Inmaculada León, delegate of El Español in Andalusia, gave a new edition of the proclamation of the Seville bullfighting fair who organizes the “The 13th” gathering. The event, after the first bullfight of the Sevillian cycle, took place at the Ateneo of the capital of Seville with an important charge of courage and commitment in the defense of bullfighting.

Veteran of the rings, the Sevillian journalist has been linked to the world of bullfighting all her life since her uncle was the matador Manuel Zerpa, who developed his career in the fifties of the last century, in addition to being sister of bullfighter José León, who was active in rings in the 90s. His father was also a major fan until his death. He devoted a significant part of his speech to them in front of an audience full of personalities from the world of bullfighting, in front of whom he performed well.

Thus, the journalist praised in her speech the importance of declaring amateur “without complexes” and that of pampering the bullfighters, the weakest level and the one that the bullfighters must take care of the most.

“Without new blood, things are bad”assured the crier, accompanied by her sister Amparo León, who sang sevillanas to the guitar playing of Manuel Jaén.

León also dedicated some verses to Maestranza of Sevillewho considers a bullfighting templeand the mothers of the bullfighters because, he assures, “they will always wait for their children after the celebration and they celebrate their triumphs and suffer their failures, even more than them”.

Due to the Ateneo’s relationship with the Brotherhood of Bakers, the journalist dedicated part of her proclamation to this fraternity because of the link with her family, very devoted to the Virgin of Regla. Well, a week ago, his grandchildren dressed as altar boys were waiting at the headquarters of this entity to join the last stretch, which the rain finally prevented.

Very supporter of Morante de la PueblaThe words dedicated to the teacher, who is going through a delicate moment of health, were very moving. “Seville awaits you with open arms because your ways are impenetrable, like those of God,” said the crier.

Inma León ended her speech with a Seville poem dedicated to the Maestranza and with some verses about the Seville Fair and everything it means for the bullfighting world and, in particular, for this city. “That’s why everyone loves you, that’s why they worship you, on this April day, when you wear silk and gold when spring comes.”

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