There will be no sun, clear skies and pleasant temperatures this Easter. Far from there. That of Sunday March 31, according to meteorologists from 3Bweather, it will be a gloomy day (although with temperatures quite close to those of spring). However, the last word was not said for Easter Monday.

“At the synoptic level, the forecast will not undergo substantial changes, while at the detailed level something may still change, but the game is over, as they say – explained Carlo Migliore, meteorologist at 3Bweather -. Italy will remain divided in two between the action of the disturbed flow from the Atlantic and the subtropical anticyclonic flow which will come from North Africa, therefore rains and storms on one side and sun with a very mild climate , even sometimes hot on the other. . All seasoned with sometimes strong winds and a significant quantity of suspended Saharan dust which, among other things, will encourage precipitation where it is expected.

In Milan, according to current forecasts, rain will be constant from Saturday to Sunday. It is not yet known exactly what will happen on Easter Monday, “but the models show less marked instability due to the gradual elimination of the disturbed front which will also lead to a clearing in its wake – explained Migliore -. We will talk therefore variable weather, sometimes unstable with the possibility of rain but less widespread although still showers especially in the afternoon.

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