In June it will be 89 years and many would like to have the rhythm of Núria Espert (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, 1935). In less than a week he visited London, Catarroja and Madrid. He also does not lose sight of the remaining places during the tour of La isla del aire; and even less the getaway to Menorca “with my granddaughter Barbara”; or another also marked in red on his calendar: Tenerife, where he will bite into a good Max de Honor apple. But it will come, just like his next work on a text by Wajdi Mouawad; Now it’s time to rest (here the age is already noticeable).

For that, “There is no such thing as a bed” own. Theirs is in the heart of Madrid and offers privileged views. “I see the Palace [Real]”, even if “it becomes invisible because nature, with its force, begins to renew itself”. The palace will disappear until the autumn and in turn plunge the house “in the middle of a forest”. open the windows and balconies “so that life can enter”, celebrates an exhausted actress, but who conquers the years with the spirit of a thirty-year-old.

–How to manage a tour at almost 90 years old?

–It’s very tiring, but it brings the satisfaction of making this show travel across Spain so that as many people as possible can see it. It is a work that has the gift of making the heart happy or sad, as desired. It’s a very clever thing. It allows us to laugh at ourselves and cry at ourselves.

He never hid his passion for boards. And this need becomes more and more present: “The theater gives me life”, repeats Espert almost like the mantra of a group to which José Sacristán, María Galiana or Lola Herrera could join. Black leg of patriotic interpretation. “The public keeps us there; without them, what would we do on stage? It’s the spectators who continue to think that we have something to offer them, that we are good at what we do. And then, in the street , you are part of the families.

–And after so much time on stage as a “tragic” actress, she will change register…

–Yes, and against all odds, I feel good. There is little comedy in my career.

–Why did comedy disappear?

– It started with Médée in 1954 which pleased the public and we did, in the plural, what was asked of us, that is to say quality theater and, if possible, with a good dramatic actress.

–Who was going to tell you that seventy years later you would still be up there.

– I don’t think it ever crossed my mind, but neither did the other way around. My life was slipping away theatrically. I was more and more demanding of myself and I was more attentive to the choice of texts. A career was being created. And even if she is open to genres, she has always done drama.

–And in these, last year, he slipped it leaves thateven if the “misunderstanding” was later resolved.

–Think about how we were four years ago, during the pandemic. The projects had been decimated, humanity was sad, the pain caused by so much loss was terrible. A dark time came for everyone and it was also a dark time for me, the face of depression was visible. Plans were falling apart in your hands and you knew you couldn’t fight them. What we had to do was survive and continue working while the virus was defeated.

-Were you afraid?

–I went through a terrible time, like everyone else. It seemed like it would never end. Fortunately, many people fought hard. We were all affected, even if some were gentler, like me, but there was a veil of lack of stimulation, of wanting to go out… Until the balance changed.

–And how does a woman who is a theater person herself celebrate Theater Day?

–Well, I really want to go to La Abadia to see The collectionn, but I will not choose this day precisely.

In these comings and goings, Núria Espert is still dizzy from her whirlwind stay in London, where she made her debut as a director, receiving the title of honorary doctor from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. “It was great,” he smiles.

–Where are so many prizes (around 180) kept?

–Right now I have this one in the living room, in the same case they gave it to me.

–You can now make room for the Max block, which will be here in three months.

–Yes, I have to open my mouth, but I don’t want to think about it yet. I need to calm down from London. And Max arrives late, but full of gratitude.

–Would you blame the theater for something, such as for repeatedly taking you away from your family?

–I have tried all my life to combine everything; Sometimes I succeeded and other times I didn’t. There are professions, such as that of a theater and cinema actor, which require you to give part of your life. Other jobs have worse conditions and they have to fight to keep their private lives from getting worse. I went through that, but my mother and my husband, who was very simple, helped me a lot to keep it from falling apart. The whole environment plays its role, and in the theater the roles are almost untransferable, so when you have the impression that your private life is going well and that you have not had to give up anything important, then we feel gratified.

–The other day, at SGAE, she defined herself as a “worker”. What part of work and what part of giving play in your success?

–So many things influence… Some depend on us and others seem to depend only on us. I have given a lot to the theater and the theater has given me a lot, I owe it so much…

–On May 12, there are elections in your country, are you following the events closely?

– Don’t think I quite understand how things happen. You can spend hours finding out information, but it’s really very complicated. At least that’s what it seems to me. We have been through many good, bad or average elections, but we are now in a moment where everything can be broken in a second or saved in a second. I see them as spectators, although I don’t want to be nervous. I want to see how they are addressed and how the insult is left out. And I say Catalonia, but I mean all of Spain.

–Is politics also theater?

–I don’t know why we call people who insult each other, lie to each other and enrich themselves “theatre”… What is clear is that they are very bad actors.

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