to announce Isabel Díaz Ayuso:“Sanchez is worried about where I sleep because I keep him awake.” The mystery is clarified: he did not lose sleep sleeping with Pablo Iglesias in Moncloa, nor sleep with Puchi the entire legislature, provided that everyone remains still on their side of the bed, of course. Ayuso has been responsible for his insomnia for years. It is she, the very beautiful one, who makes him wander through the corridors of Moncloa reciting verses from the “Spiritual Song”, from Saint John of the Crossadapted from Monseigneur Bolanos: “Where did you hide, beloved, and leave me to wail?/ Like the deer you fled/ after having hurt me/ I came out after you crying/ and you are gone .” Look where, there is the acronym/insult IDA that was used against Isabel, remember?

Other sources indicate that it was also heard on the nights of Monclovita, when the Bego He sleeps soundly, verses from “Song of Songs”: “Engrave me like a seal on your heart/carry me like a mark on your arm. » A prophetic overview of the fashion for romantic tattoos. Where will he have the heart pierced by the Elizabethan arrow or the IDA acronym tattooed? We do not know. According to the hermeneutics who study the case, it seems clear that Isabel’s words (“she worries about where I sleep because I keep her awake”) allude in a veiled way to the story of a unspeakable passion of the prisoner towards the prisoner, a passion that she rejects. Thus, according to Viperian languages, the inspection of Isabel’s boyfriend’s treasury and Ayuso’s repeated request for resignation would be the consequence of a new furious attack of jealousy. While, SEA She no longer knows whether to challenge the journalists who whip her with the Monclovita whip to a duel or to send them all baskets of fruit. Or something like that.

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