“The administration that closed the most nomad camps in Milan is mine. My first administration. Ex Macello, Vaiano Valle, Zoia brothers, Via Aldini… All areas recovered. With what courage the center-right speaks- he?” Milan Mayor Beppe Sala said this during his Instagram live on Wednesday, March 27, during which he discussed the issue of security with his consultant, former police chief Franco Gabrielli.

Sala recalled that for years the trend in the city, with each investigation, has been to record fewer murders and house burglaries and more assaults in the streets. And he clarified who the perpetrators of this type of crime are: “We know that a significant part of these crimes is committed by irregular migrants – he said – it is clear that gangs of young people disturb us in certain neighborhoods. But if the police commissioner says “I don’t want to be a vigilante, but if this sensitivity spreads among those who commit crimes, it will be a big problem for the city.”

To the center-right who says “we will send them all home”, the mayor responded that “the how is missing, and that we are here to manage”, while there are those who raise the white flag, like California – underlined Gabrielli out – “which decriminalized thefts within the limit of a certain value.

The former police chief later toned down his enthusiasm for the “Safe Streets” troopers. Everyone is welcome in Milan, even the last 150 sent by the government to guard the stations, but it must be clear “what they can and cannot do”. The army “acts on perception”, explains the former police chief, “because it presides over spaces but does not control the territory”. They will ensure security through their presence, a bit like neighborhood police officers, but “I wouldn’t want the idea of ​​a cost-saving measure to pass”

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