He had 29.5 kg of hashish in the car, another 29 at home and, unknowingly, led the police to the narcotic. Result? He was handcuffed while the substance was seized. A 50-year-old man was arrested by officers from the Cinisello Balsamo police station for possession for the purpose of drug trafficking.

It all started on Tuesday afternoon when detectives from the investigation team spotted the 50-year-old in a car registered to a rental company and followed him. From via Alessandrina we reach the Crema viaduct over the Serio river. And that’s when the blitz began.

Inside the car, 29.5 kg of hashish and the key to an accommodation establishment located in Monza “used by the man as a home” were found, we read in a note issued by the prefecture from police. The house was then searched where another 29,000 hashish, 2.5 kg of marijuana and a precision scale were found. The man, already known to the police, was accompanied to Monza prison, at the disposal of the judicial authorities.

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