Little Greta, the 9-year-old Romaine who underwent emergency surgery in Phuket, Thailand, will return home on a public medical flight. She felt unwell on Friday, March 15, while taking a flight with her family to the popular tourist destination. Immediately after landing, she was taken to a local hospital where she was diagnosed with a head tumor. The little girl underwent a complex surgical operation, which went well thanks also to the dialogue established by Thai doctors with neurosurgeons from San Raffaele in Milan. Greta will finally be able to return to Italy to continue her therapeutic journey, as she says Today.

Fundraising for a private medical flight

Until a few hours ago, it was not yet known whether the little girl would return home on a national flight or on a private medical flight costing more than 100,000 euros. This eventuality had triggered a large network of solidarity between parents, friends, acquaintances and associations. A fundraiser had already started on the class chat of the primary school the little girl attends. The firefighters of Rome, through the National Association of Firefighters of the National Corps, were ready to open their own Iban fund and involve some entrepreneurs for solidarity donations. In an exchange of messages and phone calls, they let us know that the situation was at an impasse and that the Greta case was becoming technical-political. It then seems that the direct intervention of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni arrived to unblock everything.

What happened

Little Greta felt unwell on March 15 during a flight to Phuket. He was traveling with his father, mother and younger sister when his health deteriorated. Immediately after landing, she was admitted to a local hospital and then immediately transferred due to the severity and complexity of her case to the more specialized Bangkok Hospital in Phuket. Following a CT scan and other instrumental tests, a brain tumor mass was discovered. The 9-year-old girl required emergency surgery, but her medical records were first shared with neurosurgeons at San Raffaele in Milan. Contact was made possible also thanks to the direct intervention of Roman firefighters and retired firefighters, who immediately supported the little girl’s family to provide the necessary support.

Greta underwent successful surgery on Thursday March 21. She is now hospitalized in the ordinary hospitalization ward of the same hospital where she was operated on. However, the little girl requires a more complex operation to be carried out at the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital in Rome, which has already received the medical file from Phuket.

The national flight to bring Greta home

Greta is ready to go home. She received permission from Thai doctors to return to Italy, but only with a direct, non-stop flight to alleviate the little girl’s condition. Since there are no direct flights to Italy from Thailand, there are elements of serious exception and extraordinary nature for a Phuket-Ciampino state flight. Firefighters are already ready to transport the little girl to the capital’s famous hospital where Greta can continue her treatment.

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