After demonstrating at Taste And Portugal that on the back of Ducati of 2023 can be a clear contender for the podium, the big question around Marc Marquez this is what is missing to qualify for victories and therefore the World Cup MotoGP.

Frankie Carcheditechnical manager of ilerdense at Gresiniexplained in ‘MowMag’ how the start of the season went for the team.

“There is no doubt that everything worked. Marc Márquez’s times showed it and, finally, also the results obtained, despite Bagnaia’s accident in the long race on Sunday, both fighting for fifth and sixth place”, he began.

Carchedi emphasizes Marc’s performance on Saturday and not Sunday: “The next step is clear: try to put yourself in a position to start later, is to start closer to the front row and have clean air on the bike. Step by step”.

Marc perhaps has the best pace in terms of timebut in a racing situation it’s very different: if you’re in the group or at the back of the group, the front overheats and everything becomes more difficult,” he added.

The next stop is Austin, a circuit essentially monopolized by Márquez since his debut in the premier category: “Now comes Texas, a circuit on which Marc Márquez has practically never had rivals. Or rather, a circuit in which Marc Márquez always had to fear only himself. »

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