Private night security to keep the area safe and not lose customers. Gaetano Giordano, manager of the Getoil gas station in Carpiano, on the provincial road to Binasca, could no longer bear to see that almost no one stopped at night to fill up with gasoline at his pump. So he took action, citing the inconveniences he has been facing for years: “Theft, filth, security in danger and we are besieged by prostitutes.”

More specifically, the pump manager explained that when we arrived in the morning, we found ourselves faced with a situation of dirt in different points of the area, as well as “facing” a drastic drop in the activity. Motorists do not stop in front of the automatic machine, obviously fearing for their safety, so much so that recently a boy asked Giordano for the security cameras because he had been robbed in the neighborhood.

Hence the decision to have a private security service. Which costs money, but should guarantee more peace of mind for night-time customers, who have now been on the run for a long time. Binasca remains an area of ​​prostitution even if, compared to a few years ago, the phenomenon has considerably decreased.

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