Another month to supervise in gastronomy. The month of March was a come and go of openings, as far as the culinary sector is concerned. If Madrid isn’t already the global epicenter of good food, God bless it, even if it’s a little busy these days. Everything is welcome, well found and welcomed in the capital; Eating well is something that we Madrid residents – and all of Spain, make no mistake – carry within us. We don’t like anything, as long as it’s well done, whether it’s a traditional grilled ear, a butterfish nigiri or a 100% Mexican taco. And at this last point we must stop because this world-famous dish, as it could not be otherwise, celebrates his day on March 31. A humble employee can therefore think of nothing better than a good taco to celebrate the successes achieved by our colleagues in the sector this month. In addition, you have to be completely honest, having fun and enjoying a good meal doesn’t hurt anyone.

Note in your diary: go to Tepic. The Aztec route on Sunday begins in this reference of contemporary Mexican cuisine in the capital which has brightened our lives and our bellies for more than 15 years. Tepic joins the celebration and pays homage to one of the most iconic and international dishes of Mexican culture with its special version. The chef of the house, Jardiel Varela —from Hidalgo (Mexico)— created a baked sirloin taco, with a crust of chilmole, spices and black olives, grilled Chinese onion and pearl onions stuffed with poblano pepper and corn sauce, as well as lemon juice. “This preparation is a tribute to the popular cuisine of Mexico and is a way for the capital to better understand Mexican culture. To celebrate this day, I offer this taco, which is very simple, but which reminds us of the roasts that we make in the north of Mexico and to which we add the special Tepic touch of chilmole and black olives”, explains the Chef… This preparation can only be appreciated on Sunday March 31 at the Ayal Street locationa, 4 at the price of €32.50 (three units).

Mawey Taco Bar is another one of those religious experiences – that Enrique Iglesias lived with this song, it works for everything -, perfect for this Sunday. Owners Fernando Carrasco and Julián Barrios are committed to fusing the most authentic elements of Mexican cuisine with products and preparations from other latitudes and cultures. Something that is seen in such surprising proposals as the ear and cuttlefish tacos with habanero chili sauce, the wagyu brisket with creamed corn and two chili tagines or the butterfish tikin-xic with chili tree sauce; snacks with which they have made their taquerias a must-visit in Madrid. We continue with Can Chan Chán, by Roberto Ruiz (who also runs the successful Barracuda MX), which offers non-traditional Mexican cuisine; You have to try and taste the chopitos taco with salsa macha and black pico de gallo, the pork carnitas taco with soft shell crab and the Galician blonde txuleta with citrus serrano chili sauce. To eat this dish, we cannot leave aside a Madrid classic: Taqueria mi ciudad. This establishment captures the essence of the popular cuisine of Mexico’s big city; offers a unique experience featuring tacos such as chicken pipián, pumpkin blossom and beef tongue tacos, without forgetting the most typical, el pastor, carnitas and cochinita, among others.

MamaQuilla, the home of Latin American gastronomy, also makes a stop at the Mexican table with its al pastor tacos with marinated Iberian pork and pico de gallo. This restaurant offers Latin American recipes as well known as this one, but also those from remote places. The establishment offers a tour of rich Latin recipes, but with an avant-garde and unique vision. The goal is to let go.

Likewise, SLVJ seduces with its Japanese cuisine, with touches of fusion and contemporary technique. Their unique offering also includes tacos, but in their Japanese version: sous vide wok stir-fry with teriyaki, pico de gallo, yuzu gel, kimchee napa, caramelized onion on crispy nori; a delicatessen from the Venezuelan Fermín Azkue, responsible for the gastronomic offer. This article cannot end without the genius of chef Pablo Fernández at the head of NODRAMA and its red shrimp taco, black pork sobrasada, chives, guacamole and baeri caviar. A sample of his very personal and creative cuisine in which the most classic French techniques flirt with Spanish, Italian, Asian or Peruvian ingredients.

Your well-being is my well-being, and they won’t say I don’t care about my loyal readers. Happy Taco Day!

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