There Management Commission of the Royal Spanish Football Federation was going to meet the day the Civil Guard burst into the Football City of Las Rozas to seize documents from the legal department related to the investigation into alleged irregular contracts during the presidency of Luis Rubiales. This bombshell led to the postponement of this meeting, which finally took place today and this time, the electoral process was indeed launched. He unanimously approved holding the elections on May 6. The call will be made official on Friday and from April 7, a period of five calendar days will open for the presentation of candidacies, which must garner a minimum of 21 support from members of the General Assembly.

Contested elections

These would only be the first elections, to put an end to the candidacy of Luis Rubiales, who on September 21, 2020 was re-elected for four years. These will give way to a second electoral process which must take place before the end of the year to elect the new General Assemblywho will be the one to vote for a president for the next four years.

But it is not yet certain that the elections of May 6 will take place, since the the call was contested by Miguel Galán, president of the National Training Center for Football Coaches of Spain (CENAFE), who believes that a new Assembly must first be elected because the work of many of its voting members has been completed. The clearest examples are those of Luis Enrique And Jorge Vilda, former selectors. The TAD must decide.

The president of the Management Commission since Rubiales’ resignation, Pedro Rocha, will leave office once the electoral process is activated and could run for office, although he has not confirmed it. At the meeting it was decided that Rafael del Amo, president of the Navarra Territorial Federation and the National Women’s Football Commission, would chair the commission..

Furthermore, given the latest events with former President Rubiales, the RFEF is considering running as a private prosecutor.

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