Esteban Ocon crossed the finish line in last place at the Australian Grand Prix. Behind Zhou and Valtteri Bottas with Sauber and also behind Daniel Ricciardo who is on the ropes at Racing Bulls. But the Frenchman believes he could have scored. If he didn’t do it, he said, it was because visor protector who sneaked into his car.

This is the “complaint” he made after the race. Against his team, he had only words of praise for the work accomplished. And Alpine is the only team that has made its times worse compared to last year’s Formula 1, 2023.

“Before the problem, we were arguing with Kevin, Alex and I were in front of Nico… So we were in possible point positionsfrom ninth to eleventh place, I think that’s where I would have finished,” declared the man who was Fernando Alonso’s teammate in the French team.

“Unfortunately, we will never know the outcome, but it was an interesting race. I was happy with the way we progressed, the pace we had, we were keeping pace with these guys. So it looked good,” he expressed in words collected by ‘Motorsport’.

And he once again sends a message of encouragement to his people: “I think what we need to remember is the progress we made this weekend, We’re taking it little by little, but I hope we can continue like this.”

“This race (in Australia) was undoubtedly the strongest of the three in terms of pace and performance. Everything is relative, but compared to the first two, it is undoubtedly a step forward. And the car felt better too. So it’s not just that this circuit suits the car better, I don’t think that’s the case. I think we prepared him much better than in other races,” said Ocon.

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