He Monday April 1stit was announced that Liberty Media bought 86% of it of the property of Dorna Sports and MotoGP for a value of 4.2 billion euros. This means that now the Formula 1 and MotoGP They belong to the same company.

The purchase made by Liberty has relaunched the debate on whether it was made or not. a common event during a weekend, during which motorcycles and single-seaters would share the same circuit and races would take place for both series.

Carlos Ezpeletasports director of Dorna Sports, gave an exclusive interview following Monday’s announcement. The executive was asked about the possibility of creating a joint event: “Well, it is something which, for obvious reasons, is currently It’s not in the immediate plans and it’s not something we’re working on, but It’s also not something we rule out for the future. medium term”.

“But having said that, the reality is that that doesn’t make much sensebecause at the end of the day we organize events with our own fan base, which It’s a different fan base. in most places to Formula 1 fans,” he said on Motorsport.com’s ‘Por Orejas’ podcast.

Ezpeleta highlighted the difficulties that holding this event would bring: “They are sold out, they sell out in many circuits and so do we, so bring us all together at the same eventthe same weekend, have difficulties and the return on investment is not very clear today.

“Then there are also problems with the different sponsors, the television cameras, so it’s a project, or This would be quite a complicated project.Let’s say,” added the director of Dorna Sports.

He also spoke about the lack of circuits that can accommodate both categories: “On the other hand, there are several circuits that can accommodate both (series), but there are not that many, so it’s East a project that is not excluded, but we are not working on it either“.

For the moment, the takeover of MotoGP is still very recent and it is too early to draw conclusions as to the viability of bringing the two categories together on the same circuit. However, many motorsport fans’ dream of enjoying a weekend of motorcycles and cars on the same track is closer. Who knows if you will be able to see Marc Marquez Already Fernando Alonso competing on the same circuit in their respective competitions?

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