The Jumillan estate consolidates its ecological commitment by renewing one of the most demanding certificates in terms of good practices aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and sustainability. Its commitment to the environment is reflected in its attention to the land, its winemaking methods and its efficient waste management, aiming to reduce the impact on the ecosystem.

The recognition granted by the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) is a sustainability regulation held by very few Spanish companies and which guarantees compliance with environmental, economic, social and governance requirements. This certificate distinguishes the company for its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, efficient water management and waste minimization, as well as energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.

Bodegas Luzón, by renewing the SWfCP, highlights its respect for the environment and the continuous improvement of its processes and practices, started years ago with the production of natural wines and ISO 14001 certification in environmental management. The company promotes different actions and the search for more effective solutions. Integrated into Grupo Fuertes, it is one of the largest producers of Jumilla Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) wines and its productions enjoy a strong personality and great prestige among both experts and consumers.

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