The artist was infected with Covid-19 a few months ago and although he has overcome the disease, he still suffers from certain consequences that affect his respiratory tract, loss of defense and severe headaches . A persistent coronavirus because of which he was forced to stay at his property in Seville until his full recovery.

A few weeks ago, Bertín was even forced to go to the hospital when he felt his symptoms were getting worse. In this clinic in Cordoba, he was allegedly prescribed vitamins and minerals, and the artist returned to confine himself at home. Only his daughter Eugenia tried to reassure the media by assuring that her father was weaker than normal but that he had the support of his daughters and grandchildren. “He’s recovering,” he said.

After several weeks of absence, an image of Bertín Osborne enjoying one of the most appetizing gastronomic plans has been revealed. The presenter went to Medina Sidonia, city of Cádiz, where he had a meal with his daughters, according to Diario de Sevilla. The Osborne family’s steakhouse of choice is Ventorrillo El Carbón, a restaurant in the La Janda area.

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