Claudio Domenicali explained after the contact between Marc Marquez And Pecco Bagnaia which ended with both out of the race at Portimao as this type of crash They can create tension.

“When things happen like between Pecco and Marc we’re all a little upset” said the Ducati CEO, whose comments raised questions about whether the relationship between the two champions could become strained.

But it was the Italian driver who, without recognizing his fault in the accident, assured that it would not change anything between him and Marc.

“No, our relationship will not be affected. “These are things that unfortunately can happen,” Pecco said.

Márquez also confirmed: “I have a very good relationship with Pecco, No problem. He knows what he did and the mistake he made. These are things that happen during races. »

For the moment, everything seems calm between the Ducati and Gresini riders. Of course, if another similar accident happened again, sparks could fly… especially since the eight-time champion is a serious candidate for to be Pecco’s partner in 2025.

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