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From April 9 to 28, 2024 AFTER THE STORM inspired by William Shakespeare by Francesco Toscani directed by Andrea Piazza with Monica Bonomi and Fabrizio Calfapietra scenes Alice Vanini illuminates Luigi Chiaromonte collaboration on music Simone Giannì production Teatro Out Off show included in the subscription Invitation at the Teatro An original rereading of the work-testament of William Shakespeare which oscillates between the Elizabethan original and the most burning contemporaneity, in search of what remains of magic, of imagination, of dreams in our world of frenzy and hyper-connections. THE SHOW The storm is the drama of magic, of dreams, of melancholy, of farewell. This is the drama of Ariel, a light and aerial entity, but capable of triggering hurricanes. Ariel is a spirit, she can appear and disappear, fly without the force of gravity, reach any place in an instant, made as she is of air and dreams. At the end of the play, Shakespeare bids him farewell: “In the air you will be free, farewell,” Prospero says to him. But where does the mind go? In After the Storm, we find Ariel alone and exhausted, aged, withered. He lives in the suburbs of Milan between days at the bar, queues at the supermarket, unwanted TV and nostalgia. Without a goal, freed from Prospero’s island, she chooses to mingle with men. Formerly he commanded the winds, but now he can no longer make it rain; magic is a memory. Or maybe it was all an illusion. Where did this imaginary Shakespearean past go, the adventures with Caliban and Miranda, this world dominated by violence but also by magic, bloody and poetic, dangerous and alive? One day, Ariel meets someone: he is a dark and gloomy boy, perhaps a danger. She believes that he has come to free her, to save her from the free world which has become her prison. But is salvation possible? Or is Ariel just facing the end of all hopes and fates? In the show, the passage between present and past triggers a mechanism which continually oscillates between humor and melancholy, danger and poetry; a dance between the reality experienced, sad and comic, and that, remembered or dreamed, of a youth forever lost. The actors’ dialogues bring Shakespeare’s words to life, entire scenes from The Tempest come to life on stage, between Italian and English, bringing these verses of poignant beauty into collision with our daily reality, in search of of an ability to imagine what is the poetic view of things. What could result from the meeting between Ariel and the mysterious young man? What would happen if two worlds as distant but inextricably linked as Prospero’s island and our cities looked at each other? After the Storm is a theatrical project that not only rewrites the classic, but creates the opportunity for an encounter between Shakespeare and today. The two worlds do not merge but constantly remind each other, they do not cancel each other but question each other, in a way of reading the classic through the scene which is a continuous active comparison with this material which has crossed the centuries with a charm intact. . It is not so much a rewriting as a retracing of the classic guided by a question: what remains today of the power of the imagination? FRANCESCO TOSCANI His first text, Hunger, won the Beyond Borders recommendation at the 2019 Hystrio Prize. In 2021, he was a finalist for the Riccione Pier Vittorio Tondelli Prize with his Claustrophobia of the Skies. In fall 2019, he was one of those selected for the international project NEON_10: New networked energies, organized by PAV Fabulamundi and lacasad clay. He produces in residence the radio play The Scorpion which is performed at the Fabulamundi Festival in Targu Mures and awarded with the special mention in the 73rd edition of the Prix Italia 2021. In 2021, he collaborates with the Piccolo Teatro in Milan for the projects Abbecedario for the New World (published in volume by Il Saggiatore) and Italian Stories. In 2022, he was selected for the Biennale Teatro College and under the direction of Davide Carnevali, he wrote Only another Cassandra. ANDREA PIAZZA Andrea Piazza, graduated with honors in directing from Paolo Grassi in Milan, was the assistant of Graham Vick (The Magic Flute, MOF 2018). In 2019 he made his debut at Out Off with the national premiere of Non Rimpiango Nulla by Csaba Székely in collaboration with PAV Fabulamundi. With All You Can Hitler, he won the Artistic Asylum Request at the Invisible Cities Contaminazioni Digitali Festival 2020, while he was a finalist at the Premio Scintille 2020 with Che Cosa Sono i Morti by Francesco Toscani. He also deals with musical theater for children (directed for the LaVerdi Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano, Verdi Off Teatro Regio di Parma, Teatro Dal Verme in Milan) and multimedia projects (Profili Incerti, Canto di Natale for the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, Una Postcard de Demain). INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS OUT OFF Theater via Mac Mahon 16, Milan Show times: Tuesday, Thursday 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 7:30 p.m. Sunday 4:00 p.m. Reservations and information 0234532140 / Monday › Friday 10:00 a.m. › 4:00 p.m. Ticket collection Offices via Principe Eugenio, 22 Monday to Friday 11:00 a.m. › 1:00 p.m. Ticket office via Mac Mahon, 16 Tuesday to Sunday 1 hour before the show Public transport: M5 CENISIO STOP; TRAM 14; TRAM 12; BUS 78 PRICE Full price: 20 euros Under 26 years: 14 euros Over 65 years: 10 euros OutCard SUBSCRIPTIONS €50 4 entries of your choice for one or more spectators J&S Card – Junior (under 26) & Senior (over 65 years old) €45 6 Passepartout shows Promotion reserved for residents of Town Hall 8; by purchasing the card for 10 euros, entry for 6 euros for all scheduled shows. Teatro OUT OFF via Mac Mahon 16, Milan offices via Principe Eugenio 22 telephone 02 34532140 – ​​​​​​​ FB @teatrooutoff Instagram @teatrooutoff Linkedin @TeatroOutOff

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