The world of motorsport continues to analyze the twenty-second penalty imposed on Fernando Alonso in Australia. The stewards accused him of “break testing” and punished him after the accident he suffered. George Russell when I chased him.

Dani Juncadella, WEC driver, analyzed in ‘SoyMotor’ what happened with Alonso at the Albert Park circuit. He defends the Asturian and explains that he “dislocated” his rival to be able to exit this curve with much more speed.

“I understand that his intention was to surprise Russell a littledestabilize him a little and make him not have the same speed in the corners, go out better than him”, expresses Juncadella in these statements.

And this is how he speaks of the analysis made by the FIA: “This data seems absolutely ridiculous to me. If Fernando decides to brake 200 meters before, perfect, overtake him. He doesn’t do anything dirty to you. “I know it’s a difficult corner to pass, but if Fernando does something out of the ordinary, pass him.”

“What unsettled Russell were those brakes, but that’s a reason to say ‘he’s driving erratically’… We are professional pilots, it doesn’t make sense“, defends the World Endurance Championship driver.

Regarding Mercedes’ maneuver, he directly emphasizes that he does not understand what could have happened to him: “I don’t understand how the car loses. Normally, when you follow a car very closely, what happens is is that we lose aerodynamic load.” in front. But it surprises me to see how he loses the car, it destabilizes himhe loses his concentration… Because it seems very strange to me, it’s curious.”

Alonso lost sixth place because of this 20 second penalty from the FIA. He had had a brilliant career, surely above Aston Martin’s expectations. But the stewards decided to delay him to eighth position, a very controversial decision.

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