A nail or screw in the potato dish. This is yet another discovery of an abnormal body on a plate in a Milanese school canteen. This happened on Tuesday March 26 at the primary school in via Ariberto, in the center (Sant’Ambrogio district). The news immediately spread in class discussions. But what exactly happened? The Municipality of Milan is carrying out checks, so it is too early to understand the causes.

The discovery is certain, however, as is the subsequent compilation of the so-called “Annex E”, the document with which anomalies of this type are officially reported. From what we have learned, the document was written by school staff, while the parents who act as commissioners at the school canteen were apparently absent.

MilanoToday understands that the object (whether it was a nail or a screw is a question under investigation) was found before a child received it on a plate . No one would therefore have risked ingesting it. However, the concern of the school’s parents is palpable. Also because, for Milano Ristorazione (the company which supplies meals to Milan schools, 99% owned by the municipality), it is a decidedly “black” period. This is in fact the fourth discovery of a foreign body in a month, after the two pieces of glass in the sandwiches and the insect in the plate of vegetables. Not to mention the blade found a few days ago, which turned out to be a (very bad) student’s prank.

Fdi: “Suspension of service should be considered”

For the glass contained in the sandwiches, the legal representative of the producing company is the subject of an investigation by the Milan public prosecutor’s office. And in the meantime, Milano Ristorazione has changed bread suppliers. In recent days, the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala had reiterated his apologies to the city, specifying however that he considered that changing supplier, perhaps by diversifying and “unbundling” the service between several entities, could also be a worse remedy. Of a different opinion, Riccardo Truppo, head of the Fratelli d’Italia group at Palazzo Marino, who had recently requested the resignation of educational advisor Anna Scavuzzo. “The situation, as I have been reporting for weeks, remains extremely alarming,” he now thunders: “Milan families must be informed of the current state of emergency. If, as she said- even councilor Anna Scavuzzo, she did not return the procedures.” “non-compliant” means that the flaws in the system have not yet been discovered. This is unacceptable and we cannot waste any more time. Emergency procedures must be activated which also lead to the suspension of the service. And the political responsibilities remain. In fact, they are getting worse day by day. »

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